Friday Realty LLC  prides it self on being independent owned and operated. This independence allows us a great amount of flexibility to respond to changing market conditions. Our agents have the necessary experience to market your home for sale.

  • We will help estimate your homes current value.
  • We help you in making your home attractive to its ideal audience – which will help you get top dollar. A simple de- cluttering, staging, or making simple repairs or minor improvements can mean the difference between as home becoming a stagnant listing to one that is sold fast at the full market value.
  • We will draft a strategy to market your property.
  • Promote your property with a quality property description and photo’s to potential buyers and other Realtors.
  • Place signage on the property (when requested by home owner and allowed by HOA and local laws).
  • Hold and supervise open house (for Real Estate professionals as well as retail buyers/ when demined necessary and allowed by HOA and local laws).
  • Negotiate sales price and terms (assist home buyers in completing contracts).
  • Coordinate inspections, appraisals and contingency dates.

Advances in technology has given the small Real Estate boutique firms the same tools to get your home sold. No longer are massive marketing budgets necessary to get your home sold. Our home syndication system will have your home posted on the most influential Real Estate marking sites.


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